Ways to Enjoy TigerPuffs

by Kayla Galloway on December 18, 2021

6 of our favorite ways to enjoy TigerPuffs:

These are some of our favorite ways to eat TigerPuffs, let us know yours here!

By themselves with milk - they taste like your childhood cinnamon and cocoa cereals, without all the added sugars. 

On ice cream or yogurt. Obviously ice cream is the preference here, but yogurt is a solid 2nd choice to get us through the day. The protein in the yogurt combined with the healthy fats and fiber of the TigerPuffs gives you long-lasting energy and keeps you full through busy days.

On granola with your favorite milk or dairy-free substitute (Miles enjoys with hemp milk, Kayla prefers almond)

Sprinkled on salads - either chopped or whole - for a natural sweet crunch (pictured chopped, view full recipe here)

With popcorn as the perfect sweet & salty snack. Feel free to add in all your favorite mix-ins here (my favorite easy chocolate-drizzle...)

Chopped or whole in one of our many recipes! TigerPuffs pull the whole dish together whether it’s sweet or salty, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Check here for our newest creations and recipes.


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