Who are we?

We are what we eat. And we’ve been eating a lot of tiger nuts. Never heard of them before? We’re hoping to change that.
We’re on a mission to introduce a wholesome new snack across the country, we hope you’ll join us!

Our story started with an online search for “sugar-free snack natural energy”. From there, we found tiger nuts. We were shocked to have never heard of them! If you haven’t either, they are a small, nut-like tuber with a cinnamon, nutty flavor. (learn all about Tiger Nuts here) - create link to what are tiger nuts blog post). They’re incredibly nutrient-dense, packed with vitamins and minerals without the added sugar and calories. Best of all, believe it or nut, they are VEGETABLES!

The only problem - they are hard as rocks when raw. After tasting the flavor for the first time, we knew we had to find a way to make them more accessible. Coincidentally, this discovery took place around March 2020, so we had some extra time on our hands to experiment.

During the pandemic, we spent a lot of time in the kitchen and really dove into our passion for cooking. Each of us with very specific dietary preferences, it was always a challenge to find foods to satisfy us both, let alone taste good. Miles has had severe acid-reflux for years (read more about his story here) - Create link to How We Got Here blog post) and Kayla has been a long-time pescatarian. We also try to eat low carb, avoid sugar, grains, meat, and highly-processed foods. We also love dessert and have huge sweet tooths… thus driving our mission to create guilt-free alternatives to our favorite foods.

After over a year of research, recipe changes, and LOTS of taste tests, we are so excited to share our first product, TigerPuffs, with you. TigerPuffs have become an important part of our daily routine and we feel much better because of it. They have helped us through cross-country drives, long workdays, late-nights, runs, hikes, bikes, and even the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We take them everywhere and eat them on everything; granola, ice cream, salads, desserts, and, don't forget, by the spoonful.

But it doesn’t end with TigerPuffs. We’re supplying you with our Primal Provisions. An assortment of our favorite creations; the foods we eat daily, not only because they taste amazing, but because they provide our bodies with the nutrients they need. Keep an eye out for new flavors, recipes, and uses as we experiment in the kitchen, and let us know here - Create link to contact page) if you have any suggestions!